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What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair has never been chemically processed. Virgin hair can be of any ethnicity and is generally the best investment as it is not uncommon for the hair to last over a year with proper care.

What is remy hair?

Remy refers to hair in correct alignment from root to end with all of the cuticles going in the same direction. Remy cannot be folded over or installed upside down or it will cause the hair to become matted. Remy can be different from Virgin hair as it may be colored or permed. Remy is used in making higher quality wigs, extensions, and hair systems.

How much hair do I need?

On average it can take about 7- 8oz of hair for a full head installation. Our Virgin Remy hair is sold in 3.7 - 4 oz bundles. The processed textures are sold in 3.5 oz bundles. These numbers are typical but can vary for each individual. It depends on how full and volume of hair you prefer. Keep in mind the longer the length of the hair the shorter the wefts as hair is sold by ounces. If you are still unsure how much to order, you will need the assistance of your hair extension professional who'll be installing your extensions.

What if items are out of stock?

Out of stock items: If an item is out of stock, there will be an option to be notified when the product or product option is available. Enter your email address to receive an email when the item is back in stock. We will email you the moment the item is back in stock.

How can I order a custom wig?

You can order a custom wig by completing the form found here and emailing to custom@fayslacewigs.com: Order Form

How do you measure your head for a Lace Wig?

Take a look at the following image to see how: Lace Measurements Here

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